Eight years ago, I blogged about having terrible spring allergies in NYC, and about how, because I never had them in my California youth (I suspect due to arboreal differences between the coasts), I got caught off guard each year when allergy season hit.

Now a full twenty years into East Coast life, I still completely forget about my spring allergies, and it still takes me a few days of sniffling, sneezing, and eye-itching to remember, oh wait, I’m not dying, I’m just allergic to the world.

This time, however, at least I was ready, having socked away meds last spring in preparation. And while Zyrtec is somewhat effective for me, Nasonex is basically a miracle. So good, in fact, that I can completely forget I even have allergies, as long as I’m using the two together.

Which, I suppose, is just going to perpetuate my longer-term forgetfulness. Perhaps I need to put a note in my calendar for March 20th, 2018: SPRING IS HERE, YOU MORON, AND YOU’RE ALLERGIC TO IT.

April 18, 2017