For the past year or so, I wore and loved a pair of Kenneth Cole boots. They were comfortable. They made me tall. (Or, at least, as close as you can get to tall from a 5’6″ starting point.) And they looked good.

Or so I thought.

A few weekends back, however, over pizza at our apartment with our siblings and all their significant others, Jess and the other females went on an extended diatribe, tearing to shreds ‘man boots’ – what I and three out of the four other guys in attendance were wearing.

And, in short, it turned out that, while we guys all thought we looked good, the girls thought we looked like idiots. Worse, in subsequent polling, I universally reconfirmed that initial split: guys, pro; girls, very, very con.

So, continuing further the field-research-driven footwear rethinking, I polled on replacement ideas, and ended up with a pair of navy Converse Chuck Taylor’s and another of tan suede Campers.

Which, on the one have, have elicited such male responses as my brother’s, “who’s your stylist, Ray Charles?” But, conversely, have been a hit with Jess and every other lady I’ve come across.

Given my demographic preference, I’m pretty sure that’s trading up.

January 25, 2007