lights… camera…

Countering yesterday’s vitriol, some happy notes of film-related progress:

1. As sort of a warm-up for feature making, Cyan will be producing a fifteen minute short later this summer. Tentatively titled “Coming Down the Mountain,” the film will be shot in the small mining towns of the Appalachian Mountains, centering on the family of an unemployed coal miner addicted to the prescription pain-killer Oxycontin.

2. At the completely opposite end of the spectrum, TriBeCa’s Porn n’ Chicken, on which I’m serving as Associate Producer, will begin filming next week, barreling towards an October premiere on Comedy Central.

3. No doubt riveted by these two developments, you’re likely asking, how can I learn more about the ongoing progress of these and other future projects? Well, good news! Cyan’s web site (hopefully to be completed shortly) will now include a production blog, allowing you to voyeuristically experience the ins and outs of these and other future misadventures in filmmaking great daily depth.

June 4, 2002